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    COVID-19's Impact on Women: An Emphasis on Addiction, Treatment, & Recovery

    COVID-19's Impact on Women:

    An Emphasis on Addiction, Treatment, & Recovery

    April 1, 2021
    9:00 p.m. EDT/6:00 p.m. PT

               Most topics about COVID-19’s impact on women deliberated on women in caregiving roles, such as COVID-19 potentially increasing stress, anxiety, and depression in women as caregivers. However, given the history of stigma associated with abuse of substances and women primarily being viewed in caregiving roles, these findings were not surprising. While there is still much to learn about COVID-19 and substance use disorders, what is known is that individuals who abuse substances are more likely to have suppressed immune systems. As well, individuals who abuse substances are at greater risk for respiratory infections and may have underlying diseases such as heart and lung diseases. Inherently, individuals with substance use disorders are in danger of being at greater risk for COVID-19 infection or at risk to experience more severe cases of COVID-19 (NIDA, 2020).  

    Since women are going to be viewed as primary caregivers and often are primary caregivers, it is even more necessary that we learn more about COVID-19’s impact on women dealing with addiction, women in treatment, and women in recovery. This webinar will seek to unearth information, and in some cases extrapolate from what is known, to develop awareness into how COVID-19 impacts women with substance use disorders that may be experiencing an addiction, enrolled in treatment, or in recovery from an addiction.   



    Guest Presenters: Dr. Brenda Edwards

    Dr. Brenda Edwards is a Counselor Educator and a Psychotherapist who believes in the expression: “Pay It Forward”. Her passion in teaching and counseling provides an avenue for her to be able to engage both personal and professional experiences to help others on their path to healing and recovery. She owns an established private practice providing professional consultation and counseling services. She specializes in Addictions Counseling and enjoys supporting and empowering women in recoveryDr. Edwards holds a Doctorate in Education, a State License as a Professional Counselor, and a Certification as a Master Addictions Counselor.  

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