• "...to bring good news to the poor... proclaim release to the captives... let the oppressed go free..."
  • (Luke 4:18-19)


    Rev. Dr. Gina Jacobs-Strain — Executive Director

    Reverend Dr. Gina C. Jacobs-Strain loves the Lord and gave her life to Christ when she was in elementary school. She presently serves as the executive director for American Baptist Women’s Ministries (ABWM) and is a member of the National Executive Council for American Baptist Churches, USA. American Baptist Women’s Ministries is a Christ-centered ministry which encourages and empowers women, young women, and girls to serve God. AB Women’s Ministries equips women, young women, and girls to lead in their churches, communities, and beyond, addressing immigration, cross cultural relationships, intergenerational mentoring, economic empowerment, domestic violence, and sex trafficking. Click here to read full bio.

    Rev. LaThelma Yenn-Batah — Associate Executive Director

    Reverend LaThelma A. Yenn-Batah, ordained in 2018, is a minister of the Gospel and a faithful disciple of Jesus the Christ. As a post-graduate Parish Pulpit Fellow through Princeton Theological Seminary, LaThelma participated in extensive cross-cultural and urban ministry in Costa Rica. While there, she studied Spanish and lived as an on-campus resident at the Latin American Biblical University. During her fellowship, she was deeply inspired by women who used their educational, biblical, and theological experiences to achieve the following goals: to understand and assume their personal and legal rights, to take leadership roles in their churches and communities, and to continue or begin their formal education. Click here for full bio.

    Wendy Clemmer — Project/Business Manager

    Wendy begun her journey with American Baptist Women’s Ministries in September 2006 working as the Administrative Assistant. Wendy has a Bachelor of Science in Technology Management and two   Associate of Applied Science degrees in Web Design Emphasis and Office Information Emphasis from Pennsylvania College of Technology. 

    Executive Committee
    American Baptist Women’s Ministries' executive committee is comprised of 10 nationally-elected officers who serve 3-year terms on the board. Our organization benefits from the leadership of these volunteers who are committed to the mission and purpose of American Baptist Churches USA and American Baptist Women’s Ministries, and who have expertise in needed areas, demonstrate teamwork, and help financially support the organization’s mission. Women interested in serving as a national officer are encouraged to complete and submit a Application for National Positions Form.

    2020-2021 National Executive Committee
    (Click on each name below to read the member's bio.)
    Lori Hill
    — President
    Rev, Dr, La-Tonia Jackson —  Treasurer
    Deborah Malavé Díaz  — Coordinator of Mission with Women and Girls
    Olivia Banks— Coordinator of Young Adult Women's Ministries
    Dr. Berquis Torres— Coordinator of AB GIRLS
    Marta López — AB GIRLS Convenor
    Dawn Doerr-Johnson — Coordinator of Events
    Carol Wright — Coordinator of Western Section
    Dr. Lachaka Askew — Coordinator of Midwestern Section
    Joanne Strauss — Coordinator of Eastern Section

    2019-2020 National Leadership Team of AB GIRLS
    The national leadership team of AB GIRLS is comprised of four teen girls and two adults who oversee our organization's ministry with girls. For more information about the national leadership team, click here.

    Dr. Berquis Torres — Coordinator of AB GIRLS
    Marta Torres — AB GIRLS Convenor
    Biak Hlawn —Promotions Coordinator
    Mahsha Jarvis — Missions Coordinator
    Dana Seville— Events Coordinator

    Young Adult Women's Ministries Advisory Team (YAWMAT)
    The recently-formed young adult women’s ministries advisory team serves with our young adult women’s ministries coordinator to envision AB Women’s Ministries outreach and support for young adult women. Women interested in volunteering their gifts and skills by serving on the YAWMAT should complete the YAWMAT application form.

    Olivia Banks — Coordinator of Young Adult Women's Ministries
    Barbara Florvil 
    Driana Arceneaux 
    Keysha Irizarry 
    Jasmine Jackson 
    Sheena Rolle 
    Sadqia Delaney 
    Jamie Hefflinger

    Po Box 851 · Valley Forge, PA · 19482-0851
    (610) 768-2288 · info@abwministries.org