• "...to bring good news to the poor... proclaim release to the captives... let the oppressed go free..."
  • (Luke 4:18-19)

    Embracing the Beauty of Divine Chaos Webinar

    Let the Walls Fall Down Fall Webinar Series
    Embracing the Beauty of Divine Chaos
    Thursday, November 3, 2022
    9:00 PM EDT/6:00 PM PDT
    Nothing in nature changes without turmoil and detachment. Life is not a series of starting and ending points but a journey of in-betweens, the gaps, the DIVINE CHAOS of the chrysalis. God is often transforming us in "the gap". We, like the caterpillar, experience the discomfort of a chrysalis through many periods of life. The DIVINE CHAOS of the "in-between" forces us to let go of who we think we are so we can become the person God is calling us to be in the next chapter of life, a butterfly! Throughout the Word we see men and women evolve inside of the chaos. Join Dr. Smith for an interactive conversation about how we can embrace the beauty of God's Divine Chaos.

    Webinar Highlights
    • Divine Chaos is a transitional phase of life that God uses to transforms us.
    • Divine Chaos forces you to let go of who you thought you were so you can become the person God is calling you to be.
    • God uses transitions to ignite our passion for God and life.
    • There are several barriers that prevent us from growing in the Divine Chaos.
    • Renewing your mind is essential to embracing Divine Chaos.
    • Find joy inside of the transition.
    • God has plans for life – embrace the discomfort and praise God for the journey!

    Guest Presenter: Dr. Sunne-Ryse S. Smith
    Dr. Sunne-Ryse S. Smith is an inspirational speaker, spiritual mentor, trainer, & author. Using her psychology training and ministerial background, she helps people move from just existing to fully living the purpose God created them to fulfill. Her honest and thought-provoking "spiritual workouts" and messages inspire people to take faith-filled actions and create life-changing results in their personal and professional lives. Dr. Sunne-Ryse has trained and mentored executives in various industries on how to utilize their spiritual gifts to build vision and lead successful teams in their career. She believes spiritual awareness is our superpower and encourages people to trust the Holy Spirit! Her unique experiential training materials and gift of intuition help people create clarity and a deeper connection to God. In her book “Spiritually Woke”, she shares spiritual strategies that promote living an inspired and mindful life.
         Dr. Sunne-Ryse earned her Bachelor of Science degree from The Lincoln University, and her Master and Doctorate degrees from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She is an ordained minister, and certified transformational trainer.

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