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    Legacy of the Prophets Webinar Recording

    Legacy of the Prophets: A Dialogue about Scripture from Baptist and Muslim Perspectives
    Webinar Recording

    In this 60 minute webinar recording, Muslim and Baptist women consider together the concept of prophecy and its similarities and differences between Islamic and Christian perspectives. Baptists and Muslims revere many of the same prophets, and both traditions seek to learn from the lessons of these prophets.  In this webinar, we studied messages and prayers of the prophets from both the Baptist and Muslim traditions, including Isaiah, Abraham, Moses, and others. We discussed Jesus and Muhammad, too. This webinar explories the legacy Muslims and Christians have received from the prophets in scripture, as well as the legacy we create today by being prophets in our own time, in our own communities!

    Sr. Nicole Correri, M.Ed.
    Inspire. Educate. Transform.  Sr. Nicole Correri, M.Ed., the preeminent female Shia speaker in North America, aims to motivate the Muslim community to strive toward the ideals of Islam. With her academic background and passion for the religion, she is a powerful voice, not just for Muslim women, but also for the youth and English-speaking Muslims in the West.  She imparts relevant and meaningful Islamic content to audiences the world over with her well-researched work, guiding them to think, reflect and act.  Not only that, she never fails to lend her voice to the cause of justice in the spirit of Fatima az-Zahra (as) and Zainab bint Ali (as)!  She continues to study Arabic with the Fawakih Institute since 2012 and has completed the academic work for her Masters of Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations at Hartford Seminary; she is in the thesis-writing stage with plans to pursue a Ph.D.

    Rev. Dr. Zina Jacque
    An American Baptist minister, Rev. Dr. Zina Jacque has been the lead pastor for the Community Church of Barrington in Illinois for over a decade.  Prior to this call she served on the staffs of multicultural, urban, and suburban churches, as a university chaplain and she has done extensive work in the areas of education, counseling, and support programs. One of her most blessed endeavors was founding the Pastoral Counseling Center of Trinity Church (Episcopal) in Boston. The center is now 17 years old and remains a leader in the delivery of direct service hours to underserved communities in the greater Boston area. But what is most important to her is this: She is a child of God, formed and filled with God’s love. She believes we are each sent into the world to live out our gifts and talents for the good of the whole and that as Christians, we are meant to be the channel through which all of the families of the earth are blessed.

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