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    Identifying and Managing Bullying Behavior

    Let the Walls Fall Down Fall Webinar Series
    Identifying and Managing Bullying Behavior

    On Thursday, March 3, 2022, American Baptist Women's Ministries hosted a webinar, Identifying and Managing Bullying Behavior. This webinar helped parents identify if their child is being bullied or if their child exhibits bullying behavior towards others.
         Identification is the first step; now, what to do? We will discuss ways to manage the behavior and where to go for help. We will spend time understanding how bullying behavior is developed and the fact that it is a BEHAVIOR, not a person. How do we help children develop empathy and coping skills to avoid bullying behavior? How do we teach children who are being bullied to stand up to the person bullying them?

    Presentation Summary
    1. Bullying is a far too common issue with our young people. The effects of bullying are far-reaching, and most adults who have been bullied never forget it. Their self-esteem and confidence may be severely impacted.
    2. Bullying is not just a “normal part” of life that we should accept or ignore. Typically, it does not just “go away.” Kids need supportive, trusted adults to help them.
    3. Bullies are made, not born. People do not come into the world knowing how to be a bully. They may have been bullied themselves or are reacting to environmental stimuli from home or the media. Without intervention or addressing the behaviors, child bullies may grow up to be adult bullies.
    4. What if my child is being bullied? There are various strategies that can be used to manage bullying behavior, including addressing the concerns with school staff and documentation.
    5. Oh no, is my child a bully? Let’s seek to understand the behaviors that your child may be engaging in that are possibly bullying behavior.
    6. Look in the mirror: parent reflection. We can all as parents stand to acknowledge and/or become aware of how certain aspects of our parenting or home life may either contribute to or reward bullying behavior.
    7. Resources to support you from pre-k thru the teen years

    Guest Panelist: Dana Jones
    Mrs. Dana Jones is an experienced Social Worker with a background in education, health care, juvenile justice, counseling, domestic violence, and crisis. She is a New Jersey Certified School Social Worker and Anti- Bullying Specialist.
         Mrs. Jones has worked with students in all grade levels from pre-K to college. She has served on the School Management Team and the Positive Behavior Support in Schools Team. She currently chairs the Intervention and Referral Services Team as well as the Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying investigation team in her school.
         In 2005 and 2020, Mrs. Jones was acknowledged as a recipient of the Governor's Teacher Recognition Program for outstanding educational contributions in her school district. In addition to her role as a School Social Worker, Mrs. Jones is a private practice therapist specializing in children, adolescents, and young adults.
         Mrs. Jones received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Elementary Education from Fairleigh Dickinson University and her Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work from New York University. She also completed a Post Master's Certificate in Clinical Work with Adolescents from New York University.

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