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    The Rev. Dr. Christine A. Smith, National President of the American Baptist Women's Ministries, made the following announcement:
    “On behalf of the American Baptist Women’s Ministries Executive Committee and Official Board of Presidents, we joyfully and unanimously announce the calling of the Reverend LaThelma Yenn-Batah as our next Executive Director. Having previously served ABWM as the Associate Executive Director from 2019-2021, and most recently as the ABWM Interim Executive Director, March 2024-present, we believe that Rev. Yenn-Batah is a special gift from the Lord to ABWM. During this challenging time in the life of our organization, Rev. Yenn-Batah’s familiarity with our struggles, and our great potential, uniquely positions her to lead us into the future." Click Here to Read More
    Thursday, June 13, 2024

    The acceptance of my call to pastoral ministry was not easy. My “yes” was cemented during a visit to my college bestie’s 3rd grade class in Richmond, California. A beautiful African-American girl named Jada approached me and asked what I did for a profession. Reluctantly, I told her that I was in school preparing to be a pastor. With a look of confusion and a voice of conviction, she said, “Pastor?! You mean first lady?! A woman cannot be a pastor.”
         I quickly responded by saying that a woman could certainly be a pastor and that I was training to become one. This happened in 2015 when Hillary Clinton had just announced that she would be running for the Democratic Presidential nomination. So, I wondered: how could this be? A woman could run to be the President of the United States of America, but I could not be a pastor? While Jada’s comments are particular to the Black Church experience, her comment also points to what the Women of Color in Ministry ("WOCIM") Project describes as the “final frontiers of American prejudice—gender discrimination in Christian Church and in its attendant seminaries, divinity schools, and service organizations.” Click here to read more. 
    Girls and women of all ages from across the US, including Puerto Rico, will gather for ABWM’s Women and Girls Conference on July 18-21, 2024, in Salem, Virginia. The conference, based on our two-year 2023-2025 Ministry Focus, “Be Strong, Be Courageous,” will create opportunities to study God's word and explore leadership. Scholarships are available!  Register today!

    The voices and experiences of women matter. We are half of the human race. God chose to partner with a woman to bring Jesus into the world. If God entrusted that major role to a woman, I doubt that there’s anything this world can come up with to justifiably question our capabilities!

    The Christian Citizen features American Baptist Women's Ministries' National President, the Rev. Dr. Christine Smith. Click here to read Her voice, her experiences. Why do they matter? 
    The national nominating committee for American Baptist Women’s Ministries will begin its work in the winter to select women to be nominees. Selections are based on skills needed for the position, experience, active membership in an American Baptist church, and a passion for women’s ministries. For more information and to complete a national position application, click here.

    The national leadership team of AB GIRLS (NLT) is comprised of four high school-age girls and one adult from all across the country. The NLT works together to plan events, programs, and resources for ministry with girls. The NLT is seeking applications for youth members to serve a two-year term. For more information and to apply, visit www.abwomensministries.org/NLT.

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